Nail Polish Removers

Nail Polish Remover use. Soak a cotton ball or pad in remover, then hold it on your fingernail for a few seconds. Next, rub the nail to remove the polish. In other words, you use it like most nail polish removers! If the polish is this or persistent, you can soak your nails in a shallow dish filled with the remover. It is more gentle than most other nail polish removers. Our biobased acetone nail polish remover is stronger and works faster.

Before using the removers for the first time, you might want to try it on one nail to make sure you don’t have any skin reaction. This is recommended for all removers and products that come in contact with your skin.



Kitchen Cleaner + Degreaser


“Wow, that really works. Let’s try it on grandpa’s stove now!”

Ann P.


“It is good around the kitchen because it is food grade. I also tried it at work on the popcorn machine and it did the job.”


Nail Polish Remover


“The blue nail polish remover smells really good. It works good too. I am glad that it is gentle and I noticed it doesn’t eat the paint off our table like one of my old nail polish removers did. My mom was mad about that.”

Katelynn G.