Biobased Products

Katarina Naturals biobased products are made from biological products and agricultural raw materials. These raw materials are renewable resources and make our products alternative to products using ingredients made from nonrenewable resources such a petroleum. We use starch-based crops, such as corn, in fermentations and a range of food-grade microorganism that produce chemical and ingredients. One of our main raw materials is corn but we can use others that contain sugars and starches that are used in the fermentation processing. We value sustainable manufacturing and biobased products and obtain USDA Biobased Product certification. Read our “What does sustainable mean?” on this website if you want more information.


Blue, Bio-based Nail Polish Remover

For general purpose nail polish remover, we recommend our Biobased Nail Polish Remover. It is very gentle and has a fresh minty scent.

Ingredients: (all made from biobased ingredients): ethyl alcohol, water, n-butyl acetate, n-butanol, spearmint

Pink, Bio-based Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Katarina Naturals’ acetone-based remover is for customers who are looking for a stronger approach yet like the idea of using all natural products. Our acetone is made from scratch in our factory using all natural raw materials such as corn or sugar beets. Our acetone is unique because it is not produced from petroleum. It is sold in a 4 oz plastic bottle.

Ingredients: (all made from biobased ingredients):
Bio-based acetone, water, ethyl alcohol, n-butyl alcohol, aloe vera, fragrance


Katarina Naturals Hand Sanitizer

Katarina Naturals hand sanitizer is a spray mist with a fresh forest scent. It is not greasy and does not dry out your skin. It comes in a 2 oz. plastic bottle with a mister.

Ingredients: (all made from biobased ingredients) denatured ethyl alcohol, water, aloe vera, essential oils, natural botanicals and extracts

Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser

Our degreaser works well on greasy surfaces in the kitchen or anywhere around the house. It is also idea for cleaning up appliances that get grease spots and need a little touch up. It is biobased and made from agricultural raw materials like all our products.

Ingredients: (all made from biobased ingredients) ethyl alcohol, water, n-butyl butyrate, ethyl alcohol—these ingredients manufactured from corn


More products are on the way!