Salt Substitute

Are you trying to cut back on the sodium in your diet? We have introduced our Sodium Free Salt Substitute with specially designed crystals that give your foods a great salty taste yet contain no sodium at all. Our patented salt crystals are made in Michigan.


You’ll be surprised about what a great replacement our salt substitute is for regular table salt. It adds a similar salty flavor to foods, enhances flavors and gives dull foods a lift. It cooks, feels, and flows like salt.

Ingredients: Potassium chloride/L-lysine monohydrochloride crystals

Katarina Naturals Sodium Free Salt Substitute contains the ingredients potassium, a dietary supplement, and l-lysine an essential amino acid for building protein for growth and ensuring calcium absorption in the body. Of course, anyone with special health needs should consult their doctor before taking any salt substitute. This product is sold in a 3.5 oz bottle with a shaker top.

Why is this salt different?

Did you know that too much sodium is detrimental to your health? Over salting, with sodium chloride—regular table salt—can cause or exacerbate diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. It is common for physicians to call for reducing sodium in the diet. Our salt substitute DOES NOT contain sodium.

Where to Buy

Katrina Naturals products are being introduced In Michigan and surrounding states in grocery stores and natural food stores such as Whole Foods and Foods for Living. It is available in other parts of the USA at

At the Table and in Cooking

At the table, Katarina Naturals salt substitute can be use in the same manner as table salt, although for some it might take a bit more. Start out with a light amount and taste then add more little by little until you get the feel for how much salt substitute tastes best for you.

In cooking, we recommend the same approach and for pan frying we suggest adding the salt substitute just before serving.
We will continue to add more information about cooking with Katarina Naturals Sodium Free Salt Substitute and build a list of foods starting with these below that are especially enhanced with our product.

Flavors especially enhanced in:

  • Eggs/omelets
  • Potato dishes
  • Tomatoes
  • Casseroles